What is Christmas?

I have a friend who works in a hospital.  Because hospitals are never closed, many employees have to work one "major" and one "minor" holiday.  There are few major holidays in terms of the hosptial, but one of them is Christmas.  Culturally, Christmas is pretty major.  It comes with its own set of songs, traditions, decorations, and food.  Lots of time, money, and advertising goes into the commercial side of it.
However, whether our culture recognizes it or not, Christmas is always major for Christians.  On it, we celebrate the central event of our faith - Jesus coming to earth as an infant.  Without that event, the rest of the events that are central to our faith don't happen.  Without Jesus birth, there is no perfect life that He lives in our place, there is no sacrificial death which brings us forgiveness for sins, there is no resurrection of Jesus which gives us hope for the resurrection of our bodies as well.  The historical event that we celebrate at Christmas started it all.  We celebrate Christmas at The Bridge because we have something worth celebrating.  It is one of our most major holidays!

-Pastor John

What’s happening at the Bridge this Christmas?

This year our church is doing an Angel Tree for the kids at Calvary Home for Children. There are 17 kids, so there should be enough for most of the families in our church to adopt one. The goal is for each child at Calvary to receive a stocking filled with gifts specifically chosen for them.

There is a tag on the angel tree for each child with their name and age written on it - tags written in green are for boys and tags written in red are for girls.

Some gift ideas are fuzzy socks or slippers, pens and notepads, journals, gift cards (Starbucks, Target, Chick-fil-A, etc).

Please bring the stockings back to the church by Wednesday, December 19th so that we can deliver them to the kids in time for Christmas!

With all the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the decorating, holiday parties, family events, cooking, shopping and presents. And for many of us, in the midst of all the craziness, we find ourselves struggling with unecessary drama or trying to enjoy the holiday season after the loss of a loved one. It’s hard to sit and pause to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

All is Well, it’s a phrase we hear a lot - and it really can be a great reminder for us when we are tempted to focus on all the negativity or insanity that can often surround the Christmas season. But the truth of it is: All really is Well - and we can say that because a few thousand years ago, a child was born. That child wasn’t just an ordinary child but he chose to come into ordinary circumstances. Out of those humble circumstances, he grew up to rescue all of humanity. The birth of Jesus changed everything - and because of what he did, we have hope! Because of Jesus, we can have peace that surpasses all understanding. We can say in the midst of any difficult circumstance we may find ourselves facing this Christmas:

All is Well

Listen to the story by Frank Peretti - it’s a sweet reminder of what the Christmas season is all about.

The ladies of our church have made ornaments to share with our church and community to take as a reminder that - through every difficult circumstance and craziness of the holiday season, all is well - for unto us a child is born.

Please take an ornament from the tree by the coffee table for your family and one to share with a family you may know going through a difficult time. Share this story by Frank Peretti with them - may it be a gentle reminder that our circumstances are only temporary, but through it all God is sovereign.