We love doing life together on a regular basis - take a look at the community groups we have and see how you can get involved.


Sunday school – Adult Classroom

The Adult Sunday School meets throughout the year in the Adult Community Room before church from 9:30-10:15. Join us for coffee and discussion as we dive deeper into the sermon from the previous week.


Sunday school – Multi-Purpose Room

For many, if not most, teenage years are the most feared stage of parenting. Teenagers, their worldview, their friends and their culture can seem like a foreign world that is at best interesting, at worst unpleasant, and usually downright confusing. However, with every challenge also comes an opportunity. Just as with other stages of parenting, understanding of your children's development and culture as well as being equipped with Biblical tools can make this one of the most rewarding stages of parenting as well. 

In this class we will examine a basic Biblical worldview, principles for gospel-centered parenting, aspects of teen development, and youth popular culture. We will also apply these tools to specific issues facing parents of teens such as social media, technology, and dating. In the process, we will hopefully gain a greater understanding of our children, a greater understanding of the opportunities and challenges that they (and we) face, and have some tools to help us parent well during this stage. This course is also valuable for grandparents and friends of parents of teens who assist in their love and nurture.


Wednesday nights

Join us at the church on Wednesday nights for fun, fellowship and good food! Each season we pick a topic or book and Boo Beaty leads us through the study.

One thing has been constant though through each season and study, the fellowship is genuine, the food is good and we love to dig into learning more about what God’s plan is for us in whatever circumstance we may find ourselves in.


Friday Nights

The Casteels are hosting a community group at their house this year. It meets on Fridays at 5:30pm.

It’s a laid-back potluck dinner followed by prayer and encouragement. This will be a time to relax at the end of the week, spend time with one another, pray for and encourage one another and invite into community those who are not yet ready to come to church. Everyone is welcome.


If you'd be interested in hosting a Community Group, we'd love to talk with you about it!