Do you ever wonder what the purpose of your life is?
If there is a grand master plan for humanity?
Is there meaning for our time on earth?
And if there is, how would we figure it out?

The Bible says that there is; each of us was created by God with a purpose! God is on a mission to redeem all of life for all people and he wants us to be a part of that. And so, we're borrowing from the apostle Paul in II Corinthians 5 and focusing on "Ministers of Reconciliation" because that is what God calls us to be.

Join us as we walk through major passages of the Bible and see how, in all of them, God is moving forward His mission in the world through His people. We'll also be thinking about our lives, where God has placed us, and how we can be on mission for Him there.

Ever feel like you've been too bad for God to love you?
Ever feel like your circumstances are too messed up for God to get involved? Ever feel like you've doubted God so hard for so long that He must be done with you?  If so, the book of Zechariah is for you!

Zechariah proclaims that God loves and has important plans for His people despite their sin, circumstances, and unbelief.  We're calling our series on Zechariah "It's Not Over" to remind us of God's message in this book: His relationship, His purposes, and His love for His people have not ended; it's not over!


Life throws a lot at us - sometimes times of great joy and other times we face great trials and it seems like everything in the world is against us. The good news is that God is with us through all of that and will never leave us alone to face it on our own.

The Psalmist knew that, and through each and every situation we may find ourselves in, he wrote a song to remind us of God's faithfulness, power and loving kindness.