Zechariah: It’s not Over

Ever feel like you've been too bad for God to love you?
Ever feel like your circumstances are too messed up for God to get involved? Ever feel like you've doubted God so hard for so long that He must be done with you?  If so, the book of Zechariah is for you!

Zechariah proclaims that God loves and has important plans for His people despite their sin, circumstances, and unbelief.  We're calling our series on Zechariah "It's Not Over" to remind us of God's message in this book: His relationship, His purposes, and His love for His people have not ended; it's not over!


Sunday Mornings

At the Bridge, we like to say “Grace changes everything.”  What that looks like for us as a church is to experience more of God’s grace each day so that we can extend that same grace to each other and the world.

We do so by caring for, welcoming, and engaging with others because God has cared for, welcomed, and engaged with us.

We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings and get to know us first-hand.

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