As a Gospel-centered community, the Bridge seeks to respond to the Grace of God through passionate worship, pursuing spiritual growth and loving the community and world.

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John Casteel

I’ve been the pastor at The Bridge since July, 2016 and I could tell you all about how I got here. 

But here’s the deal: what I really want you to know is that even though I went to college and seminary and have been in ministry for 9 years, I don’t have it all together. 

That’s okay though because the Christian life is not about having it all together; it’s about Jesus having it all together in our place. I want to treasure Jesus more deeply each day because of what He has done for me. That’s what this is all about.  

The best things about my life are my wife, Kristen, and our two boys, Wyeth and Knox. 

Some stuff I enjoy: hanging out with my wife and kids and hanging out with friends over good food and beer. I’m also into music, running, sports, books, and movies. And I’d love to have you come and be a part of our community, so that we can grow in grace together.


Elders are lay leaders who care for the spiritual needs of our church. They teach, care and pray for the church.
You can reach them at

Boo Beaty
Jerry Davis
Fred Dotson
Ben O'Dell


Deacons are lay leaders who care for the physical needs of our church. They oversee our building, finances and mercy needs.
You can reach them at

Paul Jenkins
Dave Matthews
Keith Robinson
Mike Searcy
Glenn Wile

The Gospel

The Gospel is the story of the good creation of God, the sinfulness of man, God’s gracious provision of redemption, and the ultimate hope of restoration.

God is eternal and in three persons (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) who are to be equally loved, honored, and adored.

Humanity is marked and broken by sin and needs a Redeemer. We are without hope if God does not intervene to provide salvation for us.

Jesus is the fully human and fully divine Son of God, promised Messiah, and only Redeemer of humanity. He has provided for our salvation through His perfect life, sacrificial death, and resurrection.

Our salvation is all by grace, we can bring nothing to it nor do we contribute anything to it. Even our faith is a gracious gift of God.

God's Word

We believe God’s Word is without error, inspired by Him and authoritative for our lives. It is the story of God’s Redemption through Jesus and the way this plays out through His people for His glory.

Our Denomination

We are Presbyterian, but you don’t have to be. Our Denomination is Associate Reformed Presbyterian (ARP). This means we are a part of a larger group of the global church for accountability, encouragement and connection. We subscribe to certain confessions because we believe they are good summaries of what the Bible teaches: the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Larger and Shorter Catechisms.

The Church

The Church is the modern day people of God. God has one people that are set apart for Himself throughout Scripture.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose as the church is to fulfill God’s mission of bringing people from every tribe, tongue and nation to Himself by making us agents of His reconciling power in the world.



so that we worship Him passionately and truthfully because of what He’s done for us.



so that we truly love, encourage, and forgive each other because we are loved, cared for, and forgiven by God.



so that we follow Jesus and learn to better help others follow Jesus because of His grace to us.



so that we love and serve others because God loved and served us first.